Crucial Tips For Companies Seeking Worker’s Compensation Insurance

An employee probably will get injured when around your work environment, which means medical costs will be involved. They don't have to bankrupt your company as long as you have worker's compensation insurance, which is pretty easy to get today if you follow a couple of tips. Gather the Right Class Codes Every workplace exposes employees to various hazards. Some are more severe than others. How much you pay on worker's compensation is based on these risks, which will be represented by class codes. Read More 

3 Tips That Can Help Save You Money On Your Commercial Insurance Needs

Protecting your business from potential liability is an important part of achieving and maintaining success. This is especially true for small businesses since even a single lawsuit can be enough to result in financial ruin for many companies. That is why it is so important to ensure your business is properly insured. Unfortunately, keeping up with the cost of commercial insurance each month can also be a burden for many business owners. Read More 

3 Simple Tasks That Could Save You A Fortune On Auto Insurance

If you could invest just a couple of minutes and potentially save hundreds of dollars each year on your auto insurance, would you do it? If you answered yes, you will be happy to know that this is more than just a hypothetical situation. For many people, it truly is possible to save a small fortune on their auto insurance coverage by taking just a few minutes to complete each of the following three tasks. Read More 

5 Indicators You Should Reassess Your Employee Health Plans

For any employer, benefits are an important tool for both hiring and retaining good employees. But what if your current benefits aren't doing the job anymore? When should you look into improving important ones, such as your health insurance offerings? Here are five signs that now may be the time to reassess your employee health insurance.  1. Participation Is Low How many of your employees actually participate in the health plans offered? Read More 

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