Dental Insurance Coverage Is A Necessity

Are you currently trying to decide whether or not to get dental insurance? You should do it. Those who claim dental insurance isn't worth anything may not have realized that there are many different plans out there, all offering different levels of coverage. If you're still not sure if you should get the coverage, take a look at what a policy could do for you. The Premiums Save You Money Read More 

Tips To Save Some Cash On Your Homeowners Policy

Homeowners insurance is just about a necessity for most homeowners. It's something that's budgeted for along with the mortgage before the house is even closed on. But if you've felt that you've been giving too much money to the insurance company lately, it may be possible to cut back on your premium without losing a lot of benefits. Here are a few ways to save some money on your homeowners insurance, like a policy from Bailey Insurance Group. Read More 

Rental Cars: Make The Smart Coverage Choice

Whether you're flying into a strange city, or just don't own a car and need one for a short time, being prepared is the best way to make sure your car rental goes off without a hitch. Whether you're renting for a week the traditional way, or just taking a car out from a ride share company for a few hours, you need to make sure you have the insurance coverage to cover both you and the vehicle. Read More 

Understanding Why SR-22 Can Cost You A Lot More For Insurance

The requirement of an SR-22 often comes as a surprise to drivers. That's mainly because many people have never even heard of an SR-22 or any variation of it. Other names include: Certificate of Financial Responsibility Certificate of Insurance SR22 Insurance No matter what name you discover it under, there's one thing that remains the same. An SR-22 can become a towering expense. Money on Top of Money for Your Insurance Read More 

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