Does Home Insurance Cover All Types Of Water Damage? Find Out

Some property owners second guess their decision to take out property insurance after spending money on the plan. This may happen if they realize their policy does not cover certain hazards and losses their properties experience. For example, one of the biggest concerns among those who have acquired this insurance is that it does not cover some forms of damage due to water.

As such, they pay for certain repair costs out of their own pockets if water damages their home. This causes them to incur significant financial losses despite having insurance coverage. A viable way to avoid unpleasant surprises after acquiring homeowners' insurance is to find out the forms of water damage it may not cover. Below are three that may not be included in this plan:

Flood Damage

Some insurance providers do not include flood damage among the hazards they cover in property insurance plans. This is because floods can cause catastrophic property damage, requiring a lot of money for repairs and restoration. Therefore, if you live in an area that experiences floods regularly, check whether your policy offers coverage for this hazard. If it does not, ask your insurer how to purchase protection against floods. This will help ensure that you don't spend your money to repair your house in case a flood damages it.

A Leaking Roof

Your hazard insurance may also not cover damage due to a leaking roof. Therefore, don't put off roof repairs figuring that your policy will cover the destruction that leaking water may cause to your possessions. Instead, it is best to repair your roof before it starts leaking to avoid water damage in your home. This will help keep your roof effective even against elements like storms or heavy downpours, protecting against the discovery that you're not covered for this factor when the damage is already done.

Leaking Appliances

Leaking appliances can cause serious property damage, especially when it has taken time to notice the leak. Unfortunately, this leads to expensive repairs that many homeowners have to take care of out-of-pocket. This is generally the case even for some with homeowner's insurance. Unfortunately, you may be in this situation if your insurer has not included water-using fixtures in the items included in your home insurance plan. To avoid huge repair expenses, hire a professional to repair any leaking appliance before the water brings about damage to your house.

If you are planning to acquire homeowners' insurance, speak to an agent to learn how best to benefit from the plan. Specifically, ask them what forms of water damage the plan will cover and how you can pay for uncovered damages. This will enable you to get a comprehensive plan that offers the most coverage.

Find a homeowners insurance agent near you to learn.

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