What Can A Home Insurance Agent Do For You?

If you need home insurance and want the best policies for the best deals, you may need a little help from a home insurance agent. Whether you're just buying or have lived in the same house for 20 years, home insurance is a valuable tool. If you would like to know more about how a home insurance agent can help, keep reading. 

Find the Best Rates and Plans

If you want a great policy with cheap rates, you'll need to do a lot of comparing. Not only will you have to look at multiple different carriers, but each carrier may have multiple policy options. This can take a lot of time; time you may not have if you work full time and must take care of your family.

An insurance agent does all that legwork for you. Some work with certain carriers, so they can only provide policies from that carrier. However, others work with multiple carriers, so they can find you the best deal.

Use Existing Relationships with Carriers

Insurance agents deal with the same insurance carriers and people constantly. They may have a great relationship with a manager at a specific insurance agency, or they may be valued for bringing an insurance carrier lots of customers. Even if they work for a specific carrier, they may be better positioned to negotiate a lower premium.

Premiums largely depend on the size of the policy, but they also depend on the size, condition, and cost of your home. Other factors may include:

  • Age of the home
  • Location of the home
  • Remodeling
  • Claims history
  • Attractive nuisance
  • Animals

Agents can also warn you about factors that may affect the cost. For example, if an attractive nuisance is causing high premiums, an agent can warn you to get rid of it before you apply.

Offer Help When Buying a Home

If you're buying a home, an insurance agent can also help. First, insurance agents understand the area and the norms in that area. Therefore, they know if an insurance carrier is trying to overcharge you based on the other homes.

In addition, they can help identify previous insurance claims for the home. One or two claims are probably not a problem, but if the house has an extensive history, it may simply be a "money pit."

If you need homeowners' insurance, it's time to contact an agent. Whether they work independently or with a carrier, they can help you find a great deal for a great price. If you would like to know more, contact an agent today.

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