Group Insurance: Three Reasons Why This Is The Group For "Loners" To Join

Group insurance is offered by your employer and you and everyone else working for the company are invited to join. If you are still reluctant based on your desire to avoid joining groups, here are three reasons to convince you to leave your loner life behind and join this work group.

Everybody Needs Health Insurance Sometimes

You could be the healthiest person in the world working the safest and most boring job, but if some unforeseen event or accident happened to you, you would need health insurance. It is the factor of the unknown that is exactly why you should join your employer's group insurance plan. For all you know, you could get hit by a semi tomorrow while getting coffee for the boss or find out that after years of perfect health you have cancer. Then you would have tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills and be lost in a sea of debt.

Did We Mention the Debt?

People without health insurance incur a ton of medical debt. Medication costs are on the rise, as are stress-related injuries and illnesses. Anxiety and depression are also at an all-time high in the U.S. Treatments, office visits and major medical would all land on your shoulders if you end up with a broken bone or even a mild illness. Office visits without insurance currently run anywhere from $50 to $300, depending on where you live and what kind of doctor you need to see, and the clinic often expects payment before you can even speak to the doctor. You can join the group insurance plan at work and not be part of the out-of-pocket group that pays into that trillion-dollar business.

You Could Face Harsh Punishment under Obama's Healthcare Laws

People without health insurance under President Obama's healthcare laws are punished harshly. You may face direct punishment via paycheck deductions (in which case, deductions for group insurance would at least give you something for the money that comes out of your check) or you may be stripped of a chunk of your tax refund. You might even need to report whether or not you have Healthcare of your tax forms.

All of the above is reason enough to avoid these complicated legal issues and leave your loner ideas behind to join your employer's group insurance.

For more information on group plans, talk to a local professional like Health Shop Inc.

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