When To Increase The Personal Liability Coverage Portion Of Your Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's insurance often includes personal liability coverage that protects you when you are deemed liable for other people's injuries or damages to other people's properties. However, standard personal liability coverage may not offer adequate protection for some homeowners. For example, standard personal liability coverage might not be adequate if you fall under these three situations:

You Frequently Entertain At Home

You should think about increasing your personal liability coverage if you have frequent visitors over at your house. This is necessary because the guests may sue you for injury compensation if they get injured at your place, and it will be your homeowner's insurance to the rescue. A guest may fall on your stairs, trip and fall on torn carpet, or get burned in the kitchen by a malfunctioning burner. Your standard personal liability insurance may not be enough to cover such compensation.

You Have Myriad Attractive Nuisances

Attractive nuisances are dangerous objects that children find interesting. Due to their curious nature, children find lots of things attractive; some of the things may not even look that attractive to you in the classical meaning of the word. However, the onus is on you as the homeowner to keep your home safe for every visitor, including children.

Examples of attractive nuisances include things like swimming pools, trampolines, abandoned cars, uncovered holes (such as old wells), and power tools, among others. The more of those things you have at home, the higher the likelihood that one of them may injure a child. Thus, having numerous attractive nuisances definitely requires substantial personal liability coverage limit.

You Own Several Pets

Pets are dangerous; they can cause severe damage even if they seem cute and cuddly to you. Cats, dogs, and horses are all animals that many people love keeping and consider beautiful. Unfortunately, a dog or cat can bite and claw your visitors. Your guests can fall off their horses while trotting or galloping around your farm. All of these accidents will need to be compensated by the personal liability portion of your homeowner's insurance. The more pets you have, the higher the risk that they can injure your guests, so you need to up your personal liability coverage accordingly.

Analyze your situation; do you think your personal liability coverage is adequate? If not, talk to an insurance agent today to advise you on how to increase the coverage limit. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a huge lawsuit if someone gets injured on your property.  

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