The Best Times To Switch Car Insurance

Switching between different car insurance companies isn't something you should do at random. In fact, if you do this too often, it makes car insurance companies wary because it means you are less likely to stick with them for your entire pay period, which may increase your car insurance rates. If you want to switch car insurance in order to save money, here are the best times to do it:

  • When You Get Married: Being married almost always guarantees lower payments on car insurance. This is because you are most likely including two or more cars onto your policy now, which means you will receive a multi-policy discount. On top of this, car insurance companies believe that married people are more responsible drivers than single people. You should also ask about discounts on being a newlywed, which some companies will offer. Overall, this is a great time to start comparing quotes between different insurance companies before making the switch. 
  • You've Bought a Home: If you didn't own any property previously, then as soon as you have bought your first home, you should consider comparing quotes with different insurance companies. Now that you need homeowners insurance, you will want to be with an insurance company that offers both and provides the best multi-policy discount for insuring both your car and home.
  • You Have a New Teenage Driver: If your son or daughter has recently received their driver's license, you will need to insure them whether or not they have a car. This will ensure that your teenager is covered while driving any car in your household. Before adding your teenager to your current policy, compare quotes from different companies to determine which will provide you the lowest rate even with the new driver in the household. Teenagers are more expensive to insure, so doing this is the best way to save money.
  • You Bought a New Car: When you've bought a new car, you should consider price comparison shopping instead of adding the vehicle to your current policy. This is because insurance companies will look at makes and models differently, as well as the features. Some companies will appreciate the additional safety features, while some may not change the rate very much at all for this. 

When you know some of the best times to consider switching car insurance, you can be sure that you are actually going to be saving a significant amount of money in the end. For more information, contact LA Insurance or a similar company.

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