Getting Married? 2 Insurance Policies You Need

If you are getting married and you aren't sure how your insurance needs are going to change, you'll want to talk with an insurance agent to see what policies are the best for newlyweds. There are a few different options you'll want to consider so you can reduce the stress about what could happen in the future and how you're going to pay for it. Look into these different insurance policies.

Life Insurance

Once you get married you aren't just thinking about your financial future, but you're providing and sharing finances with another person. Having life insurance is important so one spouse doesn't have to worry about the financial burdens of the other spouses death, and there are whole and term life options to consider. Not only should life insurance be used for unexpected funeral expenses, but it can be used for savings and retirement as well. Compare the rates of different policies and providers to find out what works the best for you, and to see how much you would need to help support your lifestyle if something happened to one of you suddenly.  

Employment Insurance

Does one person make a majority of the money, or is one person going to stay home with the kids? If so, it's important to consider employment insurance, especially if the main breadwinner is self-employed. This way, you have a backup plan so the entire family won't go broke and suffer if the person who makes the money isn't able to work or loses their job. Your insurance provider can let you know how much to get. Sometimes unemployment isn't enough to support your family or to pay the bills after you have lost your job, and this insurance can help make up the difference.

If the two of you don't have renter's insurance, travel insurance, or health insurance, these are other policies you'll want to talk about getting together as a couple. Bringing all of your policies together with one provider can help you save a lot of money, because the provider should give you a bundle discount. If you haven't talked with your soon-to-be spouse about these different insurance policies and what you'll need as a couple to maintain your lifestyle, make sure that you are both at the appointment so each of you understands and agrees on how much coverage you need. The higher your policies, the more you'll pay.

For more information and options, talk with an insurance agency, such as Life Enrollers.

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