Learn How To File A Claim With Your Insurance Company To Have Black Mold Removed From Your Home

Living in a home where black mold is growing can be quite dangerous to your health. If black mold is discovered in your home, it is important to have it removed immediately. It is important to make a claim to your insurance company (such as Gayler Insurance Agency) right away so that you can get the remediation process underway as soon as possible. The following guide walks you through some tips to follow to ensure that the process is as smooth as it can be.

Submit a Claim to Your Insurance Company

If you have hired a mold remediation company to inspect your home and mold was discovered, contact your insurance company right away. File a claim to have the mold removed and the company should send a claims adjuster and a home inspector to your home right away.

Wait for an Inspection to Be Done

The inspector will look over your home from top to bottom to determine how much of the home is affected by the mold and what process will need to be taken to remove the mold safely from your home. Steps to prevent mold from growing in the future will also need to be taken to ensure your family is as safe as possible when you move back into the home. The inspector will then provide the adjuster with the information and the adjuster will assess how much it should potentially cost to have the mold removed. He or she will then tell you how much the company will be willing to pay for the remediation process.

Determine if Temporary Placement Is Covered

When mold is being removed from your home, your family will not be able to stay in the home because it will be bad for your health. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if the cost of a hotel stay is covered by your insurance company. If it is, find out how much the company is willing to pay each day for the hotel stay so that you can find a hotel that is within that price.

Once the mold remediation is complete, your family will be able to safely move back into your home. If you live in a highly humid area, it is important to get your home inspected for mold on a regular basis as these are the areas that are most prone to mold development in homes. Regular inspections can lead to early mold detection and reduce the risk of your family becoming ill from the mold exposure.

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