3 Vital Steps to Take after a Home Invasion

Being the victim of a home invasion can be unsettling and paralyzing. Your privacy and sense of security is shattered, which can be extremely difficult to deal with. Despite these feelings, there are several steps that you must take after a home invasion to ensure your safety and increase your chances of getting compensated or recovering stolen items. Here is a look at the core actions to take immediately after realizing your home has been compromised.

Check on family and contact the police

The first thing should be to ensure every member of your household is accounted for. Try contacting everyone on their cell phone and ensure everyone is safe. If you have to go into the house to look for anyone, do so with caution as you do not want to touch anything and compromise crucial evidence the intruders might have left behind.

Next, call the police and let them know there was an intrusion in your home. This will increase the chances of the perpetrators being caught, and will also ensure you are protected.

Give a detailed report and take photos

The police will question you and file a report, so try to give them as much detail about the incident as possible.

Details on how the intruders got in, how many they were, their physical appearance as well as any other observations you made should be given to the law enforcement team at the scene. The police report will help in any criminal proceedings against the intruders should they be apprehended. Even if the report doesn't help capture the perpetrators, it will be very useful in your insurance claim.

The police will also give you permission to enter your home to confirm if anything is missing or damaged. Take this opportunity to thoroughly inspect the home and take photos that would document any stolen items. The photos will also strengthen your insurance claim and ensure you get compensated fully.

File an insurance claim

It is important to file a claim with your insurer as soon as possible, preferably shortly after obtaining the police report on the intrusion. This report will help the insurance adjuster in your case determine your claim value, as well as show that you took immediate action to mitigate loss.

A home invasion can shatter your home and leave you feeling violated and frustrated. However, keeping calm and following the steps discussed above should help you gain some peace of mind, help the authorities capture those responsible, and ensure you recover what you lost from your insurance company, one like Accredited Insurance Group Inc.

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